Alfred Jones

Scholar of Equilibrium


Clan: Ventrue – 1 (Subterfuge: Misinformation)
Bloodline: Architects of the Monolith
Covenant: Ordo Dracul – 1 (Expression: Speeches)
Blood Potency 2
Mask: Scholar
Dirge: Perfectionist

Intelligence 3; Wits 2; Resolve 4
Strength 2; Dexterity 2; Stamina 2
Presence 2; Manipulation 3; Composure 2

Academics (Research) 3; Computer 0; Crafts 0; Investigation 3; Medicine 0; Occult (Superstitions) 3; Politics 2; Science 0
Athletics 2; Brawl 1; Drive 1; Firearms 0; Larceny 0; Stealth 0; Survival 0; Weaponry 0
Animal Ken 0; Empathy 1; Expression (OD: Speeches) 3; Intimidation 0; Persuasion (Fast Talking) 2; Socialise 2; Streetwise 0; Subterfuge (V: Misinformation) 3

Safe Place 2; Giant 3; Common Sense 3; Mind of the Devouring Worm 3; Indomitable 2; Mentor 0 (1); Resources 2; Fast-Talking 1;

Auspex 1, pool 6, 0-1v; Auspex 2, pool 7, 0-1v; Auspex 3, pool 8, ;
Dominate 1, pool 9 (vs. Resolve + BP); Dominate 2, 1v; Dominate 3, pool 9 (-Resolve);
Gilded Cage 1, pool 9, 1w; Gilded Cage 2; Gilded Cage 3;
Facets of the Crystal Web, 1w; Aura of the Monolith, 1w; Eye of the Pyramid, 1w;

Blood 1 Flesh 1 Beast 1

Health 8; Willpower 6;
Size 6; Speed 9; Initiative 4; Defence 4/0; Perception 4;
Vitae 11; Per turn:2; Feed: Animals

Humanity 7

XP: 22+ ?


Dr Alfred Jones used to be a professor of anthropology at UCL. This changed whilst on a trip to Europe and was embraced for reasons he does not yet know was taught the ropes of the Dance and a few other things but beyond that not much else. Not long after he joined the Ordo Dracule and found himself shipped off to the Isle of White.

After staying in the Ordo chapter house for a while he decided to get him self a house to practice his rituals in peace. To the casual observer it is a normal house. Upon further inspection there are a few odd details.

After spending some time on the island he started to miss teaching and has decided to start teaching night classes for those on the isle of white who desired to learn or broaden there horizons at least thats what he tells them. Having a group of people readily available to brainwash and feed on is quite useful really.

Alfred Jones

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