Danny Dredger

Victorian Rake - Scholar of the Bloody Pain


Clan: Daeva – 1 (Subterfuge: Bluff)
Bloodline: N/A
Covenant: Ordo Dracul – 1 ()

Intelligence 2; Wits 3; Resolve 3
Strength 4 (5); Dexterity 3; Stamina 4 (3)
Presence 3; Manipulation 2; Composure 3

Academics 2; Computer 0; Crafts 1; Investigation 1; Medicine 0; Occult 1; Politics 0; Science 0
Athletics 2; Brawl (Dirty Ticks) (Prof Training: Punching) 5; Drive 0 (River Barge); Firearms 0; Larceny (Pickpocket) 3; Stealth 0; Survival 0; Weaponry 1
Animal Ken 0; Empathy 2; Expression 2; Intimidation 0; Persuasion 1 (Sweet Talking); Socialise (Gambling) (Prof Training: Pubs) 3; Streetwise 3; Subterfuge (D: Bluff) 3

Blood Potency 4
Allies 2 (Something Really Sordid – Joanne);
Barfly 2;
Cheap shot 2;
Contacts 3 (Professional Training and Mystery Cult) Clubs, Gamblers, Cult;
Danger Sense 2;
Defensive Combat (Brawl) 1;
Enhanced Senses 2;
Haven 2 (The Den);
Herd (Crimson Serpent Society) 4;
Indomitable 2;
Interdisciplinary Specialty: Gambling ;
Mentor 0 (1);
Mystery Cult (The Crimson Serpent Society) 4;
Professional Training – Gambler (Socialise, Brawl, Streetwise) ;
Resources 2 (The Den);
Retainer (Abbie) 1;
Retainer (Angela) 4 (3);
Safe Place 2 (The Den);
Secret Society Junkie 1;
Shared Haven: 1 (Ordo Chapter House Security);
Staff 1 (The Den Staff);
Street Fighting 5;
Unarmed Defense 3;

Celerity 4, Speed: 85, 1v/turn; Vigour 5, Damage: +5 (B/L/A), 1v/turn, Resilience 3: +4 Armour, 1v/turn; Majesty 1, Pool NA ; Scholar of the Coils: Flesh 2, Blood 1.

The Venus Trap: Increase damage cap to swarms by Celerity dots but downgrades damage to bashing 1 v/turn

Mask: Gambler, Dirge: Deviant
Health 11; Willpower 6:
Size 5; Speed 17; Initiative 6; Defence 12/4 +3; Perception 10;
Vitae 13; Per turn:4; Feed: Humans

Humanity 5
Banes: Blood of the Unwilling

XP: 0

Conditions: Dependant


Pre Embrace

Danny was born in the Victorian period as a son of a rich merchant and lived a life of ease since childhood. Since early childhood Danny was happier out on the streets running wild than inside with his tutors. However, he had never really had an interest in his father’s business beyond it supplying him the money to continue his nightly jaunts with companions to bars, gambling rings and brothels. He enjoyed the thrill of the throw of the dice and the decrepit glory (in his eyes) of the run down back streets. He enjoyed it even more when his evening was spiced up by muggers seeing easy pickings amongst him and his cronies, almost invariably it went badly for them. Despite his father’s threats to cut his allowance and inheritance he kept on his nightly jaunts which is where he met and was embraced by Red Jenny. Alluring and powerful Danny was drawn to her and entered his new life…

Post Embrace

That was over a hundred years ago and since then Danny has lived amongst the Kindred of London. Danny had finally met his match in Red Jenny and for the first time there was someone who could control his rash and rebellious tendencies. He was forcibly entered into the Ordo Dracul of London by Jenny but has shown little interest in advancement the few times he has risen in rank has been more through Jenny’s influence than his own skill. Even with Red Jenny trying to keep him in check, Danny’s unpredictable nature led to a number of “incidents” resulting in him being put into to torpor multiple times over the last century including by his Sire on a number of occasions. It was to the point where he was told he was on his last chance. Having heard this many ties before Danny still didn’t change. As a result the most recent time he got into trouble Red Jenny refused to aid him and planned to deal with the problem more severely than previously…

As a result Danny was forced to flee across country to where he has taken shelter on the Isle of White. Reveling in freedom that he hasn’t had since embraced Danny quite like the Isle but this supposed haven however has turned out to be as dangerous as London politics.

Before coming to the Island Danny could hardly be called a scholar. But on the island he began to thrive for the first time in his life, he built a network of mortals whom he interacted and moved through with ease whilst becoming a master of all forms of combat even designing a new devotion – The Venus Trap.


Danny is generally unafraid of most things enjoying the thrill of danger as he views it as similar to gambling but only with higher stakes. This can make him reckless and readily take up crazy plans for the sheer hell of it. However, he has an almost supernatural terror of his Sire Red Jenny, he’s built her up in his head till the very thought that she might be anywhere nearby leaves him twitchy and paranoid.

Danny enjoys social interaction nearly as much as in life though he does not always feel the need to be the centre of attention he often assumes a showman like attitude.

Danny Dredger

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