Ezekial Thorne

Impovished Cult Prophet - Slave


Clan: Gangrel – 1 (Survival: Coastlines)
Bloodline: Mara
Covenant: Ordo Dracul – 1 (Expression: Organ)

Intelligence 2; Wits 2; Resolve 3
Strength 3 (5); Dexterity 2; Stamina 4 (7)
Presence 3; Manipulation 2; Composure 3

Academics 1; Computer 0; Crafts 1; Investigation 1; Medicine 0; Occult 2; Politics 1; Science 0

Athletics 2; Brawl (Animal Features, Grapple) 4; Drive 0; Firearms 0; Larceny 1; Stealth 3; Survival (G:Coastlines) 3; Weaponry (Improvised) 1

Animal Ken 2; Empathy 1; Expression (OD: Organ, Oratory) 1; Intimidation (Stare Downs) 2; Persuasion 1; Socialise 0; Streetwise (Docks) 1; Subterfuge 1

Allies (Church of the Drowned God) 2;
Atrocious 1;
Danger Sense 2;
Defensive Combat (Brawl) 1;
Feeding Grounds 2;
Fontal Ritualist 2 (1 Ritual Learnt);
FS: Grappling 2;
Language (Mara) 1;
Mentor (Elisavet Simonides) 1;
Retainer (Joshua Misenos) 2;
Safe Place 2;
Secret Society Junkie 1
Shadow Cult Initiation (Church of the Drowned God) 3;
Staff (Streetwise) 1;
Status (City) 2
Status (Gangrel) 2;
Status (Ordo) 2,
Sworn 1;
Resources 1;

Animalism 1, pool 4 (- Composure); Animalism 2, 1v; Animalism 3 pool 8 (2v)
Obfuscate 1, pool 6;
Protean 1, 0+v; Protean 2, 1v; Protean 3, 2v; Protean 4 (+1v)
Resilience 3, Armour: 4, 1v/turn;
Vigor 2, Damage: +1(B/L/A), 1v/turn;
Supplicant of the Coils: Flesh 1

Body of Will Pool 13 (1 Vitae)
Once a Jolly Swagman

Blood Potency 2

Mask: Cult Leader
Requiem: Survivor

Health 11; Willpower 6;
Size 5; Speed 11; Initiative 5; Defence 6/0; Perception 5;
Vitae 11; Per turn:2; Feed: Animals

Humanity 4 (Threshold Bane – 5)




“Zeke” is an orphan, and as far as he can remember hasn’t had any family of which to speak of. The care system he was dropped in was nothing short of appalling, and sixteen years later an alienated young man stepped out of the London care homes. After nine years of aimless wandering around the coasts of Britain – for it was easier to find no-questions-asked cash-in-hand jobs there – he found himself living in the sodden ruins around the docks on the Isle of White.

This is where he was embraced by a Circle of Crone Gangrel.

Now a year later he is an Initiate of the Ordo – seeing as this is the way to “Transcend”. His view of transcendence is to be in communion with an entity far more powerful than himself, an entity which he calls “The Drowned God”. By bringing life back tot he Drowned God, Zeke reasons that act of divine revival will stir within himself the capacity to Transcend.


Zeke is fully aware that his plans may run against the accepted practices o such a traditional domain, and therefore hasn’t told his plans or beliefs to any Embraced. If his Sire, Gerlind Ragna, has actually ever listened to his musings she is aware of a belief system revolving around one mighty God (a religion that does accepted the existence of others).
Therefore his fledgling Church of the Drowned God is limited to the tramps and other vagrants that habitat his domain, the sand/mud flats north of Newtown.


Ezekial is, irrefutably, insane. The man has been abandoned by society since he was young enough to remember, and is an illiterate, ignorant, very angry man and being Embraced didn’t exactly help. Infact it only shifted his world view, and being Embraced under the wing of Gerlind (coupled with his time on the coastline) has caused his psychoses to coalesced into the beliefs of the Church of the Drowned God.
Zeke is a driven man, trying to find a place in the vampire society, as well as form his own Church to find somewhere he fits in.

Recently (since the Something Wicked storyline) Ezekial has grown the Church into a substantial organisation, bringing a lot of the homeless under it’s wing. He has recently ceded it’s control to his Ghoul, Josh, becoming the holy monster at the edges of the cult.

Zeke has started to codify the tenents of his creed, as well as developing ideas for Transcendence. First of all, contacting the Drowned God. The cult has that covered, gained enough members believing and Zeke’s rites should be able to do that. Second Zeke is aware that he should start controlling himself. To that end he is planning on starving his Beast, learning control will allow Zeke to enact the later parts of his…. “plans”.

As of the end of “Something Wicked…” Zeke went travelling beyond the Domain of the Isle of White. This was in order to start learning about ritual magics of the Ordo Dracul, as well as start to become at least a little bit academic. He has payed for this tuition by being a Hired Thug for the Ordo Dracul across the south of England, lending his particular brand of brutal justice to the covenant’s enemies. As well as this he has alsomet a strange branch of the Mara bloodline in the Domain of Bath, where he learnt some of the more advanced supernatural prowess of the Gangrel Clan.

Currently, he is on his way back.

Ezekial Thorne

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