(Auspex •••, Dominate ••)

Science has always been fascinated with mental processes, using philosophy, education, and music to expand mental horizons and encourage brain activity above the natural level. Modern science agrees that there are patterns of neurons in the brain that fire in sequences, and that there appear to be pre-existing sites in the brain that respond to specific frequencies. Manipulating these frequencies and learning to control the patterns of these neural impulses through the passage of blood expended into the brain can increase mental functions – especially for a vampire, whose very nature is facilitated by the ingestion and utilization of blood.

Cost: 1 blood per scene

Activation: Intelligence + Academics + Auspex

Action: Instant

Cognition increases pools based on the character’s Intelligence by successes gained while the devotion is active (by a maximum of the lowest of the users Intelligence, Academics, or Auspex). Cognition cannot be invoked more than once per scene. That is, you may not spend a second Vitae and double the benefits of the power. The benefits of Cognition cannot be applied to Supernatural Abilities.

This power costs 15XP to learn.


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