Isle of Wight Domain

The Isle of Wight domain is small, sedentary, and a vassal-domain of the Southampton Domain.

A stable and traditional Invictus domain, the Regent rules the Isle of Wight more in his sire’s name rather than his own, while the Lancea Sanctum tend to the spiritual needs of the court. The Carthain Movement, the Circle of the Crone, and the Ordo Dracul occupy niches on the outskirts of the damned society, carefully watching their every move lest the Lancea Sanctum grow displeased.

Court of the Isle

Those of Standing

Status 5
Status 4
Status 3
Status 2
Status 1


The Covenants

The Carthian Movement

The Circle of the Crone

The Invictus

The Lancea Sanctum

The Ordo Dracul

Isle of Wight Domain

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