It Tolls For Thee

The opening Story to “Ask Not For Whom the Bell Tolls” is called “It Tolls For Thee”. It primarily focuses on the lives (or lack thereof) of four newly embraced kindred. Each only a handful of months turned, they are setting the first steps on the long journey of their Requiems.

For differing, and personal, reasons they have all taken up their lot with the Ordo Dracul – the Order of the Dragon. Seen by some as a heretical covenant of witches and devils, striving to spit in the eye of God, and seen by others as tirelessly quaint and foolish vampires, the Ordo Dracul seeks to change the unchangeable, to overcome the lethargy and ease of remaining. Through their peculiar mix of scientific reasoning, occult knowable, arcane formula, and esoteric chanting they seek to unlock the secrets of the Coils of the Dragon. First discovered by the covenant’s founder, the enigmatic and missing Vlad Tepes – Count Dracula himself – the Coils are permanent changes to the soul of the vampire who learns them. Each seeks to use the banes of kindred existence in consort to overcome another bane. The Beast stalks in their hearts, the life bringing sunlight restores them to be corpses, and the need to feed consumes their every waking thought. Slumbering gives them no respite either, as the paranoid and myriad dreams of torpor intrude upon their fragile memories, straining them and stretching them thin. Their souls lie in tatters, and the body they inhabit stubbornly refuses to change.

Yet, it is these very banes which the Ordo Dracul harness to better themselves – to strive, to reach, to dare, to transcend. No longer will they be just kindred, no. They will step beyond, metamorphose into … whatever comes next.

And it is into this covenant that the neonates come stumbling, blinking into the harsh and sterile light of the Danse Macabre. Will they grow strong together, or will the beast take hold and tear the group apart? Read on, and find out…

Story 1 starts on the 23rd January.


It Tolls For Thee

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