Notes from the Scientist

29th September, 2012
Planted a new shrub in the garden, the ph value is going up. More nitrogen I think.

17th October, 2012
Something has disturbed the plants in the garden, they are wilting when they should be healthy. Give more fertilizer tomorrow. Next door looks ill, but denies that anything is wrong. Suspicious or just foolish?

18th October, 2012
Someone at the door asking for casual work, gardening or something. Sent him away, there will be no black market work here!

19th October, 2012
Back from the office to find the new shrub had died. Will have to take a trip to the garden centre again tomorrow. 

25th October, 2012
More plants dying now, starting to wonder if someone is sabotaging them. Perhaps that not-a-gardener? It would make sense that he did not find any work that he would make a situation where there will be more work…

2nd November, 2012
Going to try and find a security camera I can get from the Internet. The continued desecration of my garden is becoming intolerable. I will find out who is responsible!

10th November, 2012
The soil has gone completely dry. This is clearly personal now. I think I saw the gardener again in the distance. Perhaps he is stalking me?

11th November, 2012
Next door is clearly getting more ill. Looks as if he hasn’t eaten properly in weeks. Perhaps someone is poisoning him. Maybe the not-a-gardener? He is becoming a larger pain than I suspected.

18th November, 2012
Camera installed, but no-one seen in the garden so far. Waiting to see that accursed gardener again!

30th November, 2012
Seen the gardener again, but he managed to escape before I could catch him. Getting closer to finding where he is hiding.

9th December, 2012
Found him this evening. He had taken up residence in the abandoned Stenbury manor, and was heading to it when I caught him. Subdued him after a struggle, and have chained him up for now. He won’t be destroying my garden any further, but I will need to find out what he is! He seemed to draw power from the storm over head, made him change his form – he became as if made from clay or dirt, with something written on his forehead that I couldn’t read.

11th December, 2012
Managed to get the creature to talk to me today. It finally pleaded for its life, said its name was Aeneas and that he didn’t mean me any harm. Almost trusted him, but then I remembered the way next-door was clearly being poisoned and I held firm. Anything he says cannot be trusted, and I suspect that even the name is just a ruse to fool me into sympathy with him. I shall not be tricked!

12th December, 2012
While checking the restraints, the creature sent a pulse of electricity through me as I touched him. It made me stagger back, and he almost got free, but I found a rock at hand, and clocked him in the head. This seemed to knock him out, and I was able to finish tightening the restraints before he came around. He no longer looks at me with those fake, sad eyes – now there is just the rage I knew was there all along. I was right to capture this clearly dangerous creature.

21st December, 2012
Break through. The creature is clearly some kind of artificial life form, made of clay and powered by electricity. I shall continue to experiment, and perhaps I will discover how to make my own servant! It shows amazing regenerative properties when electricity is applied.

31st December, 2012
Had to move the creature into the tunnels under the manor. Others seem to be looking for him as well, and I will not have my prize taken from me! Not when I am this close.

7th January, 2013
The desolation is spreading without help from the creature, there must be more of them out there. It denies this, claims that the spread is somehow my fault for keeping him here! The nerve, if I am at fault it is only the fault of allowing it to speak. Tomorrow I shall remove his vocal cords and then he will be silent evermore.

9th January, 2013
Had to amputate the creature’s arm today. Seemed to be infection setting in from a cut I made last week. Seems that whatever the creature is made from still has some frailties.

14th January, 2013
Making no progress to understanding how the creature hides its nature when not connected to electricity. Have moved a small generator into the tunnels to provide light and to prevent the creature dying. It bleed profusely when I removed its leg. Amputated parts seem to exhibit the same disguise properties as the whole when separated. Perhaps there is something in the ‘flesh’ itself, nanobots or similar?

22nd January, 2013
I keep seeing a young girl with a doll. She’s there in the periphery of my vision but when I turn to look at her, she’s gone. Is she another of these creatures, perhaps a daughter of the one I have – looking for him and with nanobots which can mimic active camouflage? If so, I wonder if I have stumbled upon escaped military robots? It would seem logical that such artificial beings would belong to an organisation with reach and funding.

25th January, 2013
Sadly had to remove the other leg today. The first had continued to degrade after detachment, and repeated applications of electricity only seem to heal the main body of the robot.

Notes from the Scientist

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