Something Wicked This Way Comes

The second Story of “Ask Not For Whom the Bell Tolls” is called “Something Wicked This Way Comes”. It primarily focuses on the petty interplay of Kindred politics, into which the characters are taking their fledgling steps.

There is a time-jump of four weeks between the end of It Tolls For Thee (30th January) and Something Wicked This Way Comes (27th February). The following events take place during that downtime.

Mortal Events
  • The Police are looking for brothers Tye and Saul Masterson, as well as an associate of their’s, Phil Lloyd. Descriptions of the three men have been released, and Police are urging them to either make themselves know, or for anyone with any information on them to come forward.
  • The Police are investigating a suspected bungled robbery/arson attack on Stenbury Farm. Reports in the press describe the fire as having been linked to both a gas explosion and several dozen shotgun cartridges having been thrown onto the log fire in the farm house living room. Locals send in tributes to Harold and Shelly Albert for the papers to print.
  • The press reports that drug use on the Isle of Wight seems to be increasing – to the extent that it is now a fairly common sight to see people smoking or even shooting up on the pavements and beaches. The Police do not seem to have the manpower to crack down on these criminals.
  • The gardening sections of the newspapers make reference to the Spring-like surge of growth in plants in and around the Ventnor are of the Isle – following the unusually dry conditions there over winter.
Kindred Events
  • At the Court gathering on the 31st of January, the Regnant makes a series of announcements:
    – For their breach of the Masquerade, the Regnant initially sentences Bain and Helmer of the Ordo Dracul to a two-step Vinculum to their Priscii.
    – The Harpy, Priscila Channing Van Den Akker then suggests that a crime of this magnitude should require Final Death, which the Regnant accepts without argument.
    – However, the Senschel, Iohanna, intervenes on behalf of the Lancea Sanctum to remind the Regnant that Final Death is not part of their tenants.
    – In the end, the two miscreants are subjected to punitive torpor to last not less than a year and a day, a single-step Vinviculum to their Priscus, and required to sign an oath written in their own Vitae to not endanger the Masquerade again for a further year and a day from waking from torpor.
    – For his part in the breach, Eduardo Guadarrama is stripped of his role as Sheriff, and Tristin Anatole Bruce is appointed instead.
  • The Domain of the Isle of Wight recognises the efforts of Carys Willow and Ezekial Thorne of the Ordo Dracul for their assistance to the domain in combating the supernatural wasting of the Isle. (City Status rises to 2)
  • A recently awoken ancient Mekhet, Nikotris of the Circle of the Crone, has moved to the Isle of Wight from Southampton, and will be taking up residence in Ventnor.
  • Aude Rinne’s sire, Camille Bernardine Deschamps, has arrived from Paris with her paladin Sir Vespasien Séraphin Lucas Dufour, and taken up residence with Rinne.
  • The Domain of Southampton has announced that due to rising hunter activity, the borders will be closed and any new kindred found to be entering without prior permission from the Prince will be executed.
  • Philosopher Isidore Stueck is retiring from Court to enter a period of torpor.
Covenant Events
  • Before she retires, the Philosopher recognises the advancement of Supplicant Bain of the Terror and Supplicant Carys Willow of the Hunger, officially promoting them and raising their rank within the Ordo Dracul. (Covenant Status rises to 2)
  • Adept Greta Merrickson has not been seen since the 25th of January.

Story 2 starts on Wednesday the 27th February, 2013.


Something Wicked This Way Comes

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