The Church of the Drowned God

The Church of the Drowned God

This is a fledgling cult, faith religion started, and conceived by the Ordo Gangrel Ezekial Thorne. Starting out as a way of explaining his new life, the belief of the Drowned God has now formed itself into an actual organisation.

The Church has it’s own belief system, with a creation myth and a series of tenents. Ezekial is the founder and will behind the whole movement, and hopes with the worship directed at the Drowned God he may use this to further his Transcendancy within the Ordo Dracul. This said, Ezekial is a believer and fervernetly hopes that once the Drowned God regains his name, and is rememebered, Zeke will be able to be on top.

As of the beginning of Story 2 the Church has a physical home, in a small chapel built out of driftwood frames and walled with timber and fabrics. The, literal, ‘Church’ is located out on the marshes between Newtown and the Solent, with the altar end of the building facing out to the maurky waters with an open wall. The Church itself is hidden from view by the overgrown and bestial plant growth that have invaded the nominal nature reserve, giving the Church some much needed secrecy and privacy.

The Church’s congregation is primarily from the homeless that inhabit the north-west coastline of the Isle of Wight, and the appearance of the Church and the security of its founder grants them some safety from a otherwise uncaring world – at least that is how Zeke describes it to them at the altar.


The Church has a rough congregation of fifty members mostly drawn from the homeless, but some dock workers. The head is, oif course Ezekial Thorne. The next highest initiated member, the only one in fact, is [[: joshua-misenos | Joshua Misenos]], the Ghoul of Ezekial.

The Church of the Drowned God

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