Carys Willow

Scribe of Equilibrium


Clan: Nosferatu – 2 (Intimidation: Stare Downs)
Flaws Bloom Like Grave Blossoms: Potent Perfume (Presence +1/Composure -1)
Bloodline: Adroanzi
Covenant: Ordo Dracul – 2 (Science: Botany)
Island – 2

Intelligence 4; Wits 2; Resolve 2
Strength 2; Dexterity 2; Stamina 2
Presence 2; Manipulation 3; Composure 3

Academics 3; Computer 1; Crafts 2; *Investigation 2; Medicine 0; Occult 1; Politics 1; *Science (OD: Botany) 3
Athletics 1 (Climbing); Brawl 1; Drive 0; Firearms 0; Larceny 1; Stealth (N: Forest) 2; Survival 1; Weaponry 0
Animal Ken 2; Empathy 2; Expression 1; Intimidation (Stare Downs) 2; Persuasion (Seduction) 3; Socialise 0; Streetwise 0; Subterfuge 2

Blood Potency 2
Contacts (Botanists) 1; Contacts (Lab Analysts) 1; Contacts () 1; Haunted Channel 2; Haunted Hand 2; Herd 2; Interdisciplinary Specialty (Botany) 1; Mentor (Simonodes) (1); Mentor (Hodges) (2);Multilingual (Latin, French) 1; Necropolis 3; Professional Training (Scientist) 2; Of Rose and Thorn 1; Resources 2; Striking Looks 1; Tolerence for Biology 1; True Worm 3;

Animalism •
•, pool 6 (- Composure)
Nightmare •••
•- 0v
••- pool 6 (vs Composure + BP), 1v
•••- 2v pool 8 (vs. Composure BP)

Protean •
Obfuscate ••••
•- pool 5;
••- pool 3, 1v;
•••- 1v

Nburu •••
•- 1v;
••- pool 5, 1v;
•••- 1v;

Scribe of the Coils:
Blood 1,
Beast 1;

Vigour 2;

Wicked Grasp

Mask: Scholar, Dirge: Survivor

Health 7; Willpower 5;
Size 5; Speed 9; Initiative 5; Defence 3/0; Perception 4;
Vitae 11; Per turn:2; Feed: Animals

Humanity 4



Embraced by a visiting nosferatu of the Adroanzi bloodline, entranced by her looks and her care for the plants. He leaped on her as she left her lab one night and realizing what he had done delivered her while unconscious to the nearest chapter house, happening to be the home of the Southampton Ordo Dracul. Between her embrace and her arrival on the Isle of Wight she spent her time coming to terms with her new condition and learning about her new powers.

Carys believes in science beyond all things. She’s witnessed and recognised the power of nature and the rules of which and believe these to be her true path. In life she was a botanist but now that the sun would scorch her flesh she has taken to keeping only a small pot plant which she can place on the window sill of where ever she’s sleeping, frustrated that the things she devoted her life to need that which she is forbidden.
Her aim in this new “life” of hers is to reconnect once again with nature and the local flora.

She currently seeks enlightenment through communication with plants. They are the more hardy species of the planet and she believes the world would improve through work with the plants of this world.

Carys is attempting to turn a rose plant into a Mandrigora. And has named it Vernon.

Carys makes her home away from the Chapter House amongst the man-made caves below Shanklin. Her room is bright white. As she spends more time in her sepulcher she carves the shape of ivy into the walls- since there is no natural light down here, this is the closest she will get to plants growing around where she stays. She’s furnished it sparsely, a book shelf for the books she currently borrowed from the annals and a desk for note taking, a small, simple bed and a door with a hefty lock.

Carys Willow

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