Letter from Simonides - March 2013

Supplicant Belasco,

Thank you for your letter regarding the disappearnce of Supplicant Willow and Scribe Dredger. I have been consulted on this matter by the Grandmaster, Master Teague, whom I am lead to believe was contacted by Rising Dragon Guadarrama.

Sadly I can tell you no more than I told Grandmaster Teague. I am not in contact with either Supplicant Willow or Scribe Dredger but I have taken steps to ascertain that they are most certainly not dead, nor in any current pain or torpor. The powers of the blood at the disposal of the Academy of Southampton can reveal that much. It would also appear from our divinations that they are not in this world. Would this mean anything to you?

I look forward to hearing from you again, your discoveries on the island have been most enlightening about the nature of the kindred condition.

I am watching all of your progresses with interest.

Immortal Simonides.

Letter from Simonides - March 2013

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